TTS in Microsoft Lync

According to

"State-of-the-art speech technology now in 26 languages provided by the updated Microsoft Speech Platform, a zero-royalty, enterprise grade server based speech platform that ships with UCMA 3.0 and now adds VoiceXML 2.1 to UCMA needs. "

So you can develop UCMA 3.0 based application with TTS function in 26 language now.



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  1. Nicholas says:

    Any documentation on how to add UCMA 3.0 support to new languages? Or is some 64-bit SAPI 5.x version enough as such?

  2. myblog1 says:

    what do you mean "add UCMA 3.0 support"?

  3. Nicholas says:

    I meant that the language I need is not one of the 26 languages. There are TTS voices for my target language. What API etc should these TTSs support so that I'd be able to use language #27 together with Speech Platform and UCMA?

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