Microsoft Speech Platform 11.0

Microsoft Speech Platform has upgraded to Version 11.0.  It includes many improvements on SR and TTS engines in the past year.  There is a MSDN web page for more detail information about the speech platform In particular, for TTS, there is a new voice “ZiraPro” for en-US.  

Question about SupportedAudioFormats of SpeechSynthesizer

 Happy new year!  It is 2011.  Recently I got a customer question regarding “SupportedAudioFormats”.  He used the Server Speech Platform 10.2. But he found the SupportedAudioFormats of speechsynthesizer is empty.This is because of some issue in service voice setup. All the service voices currently is in 8k8bit PCM format. The voice audio format can be…

Where to ask for TTS support?

If you are a developer that is looking for some help on using TTS in your project, there is an alias you can try. speak AT It is not a fulltime product support contact but you might get some suggestion to your problem. You can also give your feedback about text to speech engines…

TTS in Microsoft Lync

According to “State-of-the-art speech technology now in 26 languages provided by the updated Microsoft Speech Platform, a zero-royalty, enterprise grade server based speech platform that ships with UCMA 3.0 and now adds VoiceXML 2.1 to UCMA needs. ” So you can develop UCMA 3.0 based application with TTS function in 26 language now.  …


What do you use TTS for?

When we think about improving TTS voice quality, we always need to consider the scenerio that TTS are used in.For example, if the scenerio is accessiblity, TTS needs to be highly intelligible in all conditions. If the scenerio is reading turn by turn directions, the key information of routing needs to be highlighted and more…


TTS in Windows Phone 7

If you got a chance to play a Windows phone 7, you can try out speech feature in it. It has three cool speech features: voice search, voice activated dialing and start application by command.   In these scenerios, Zira TTS will use to speak the text back.   I hope you will love it. More news…

FAQ about The Server Speech Platform

This post will talk about some frequent questions when using TTS functionality in Microsoft Server Speech Platform.  I will keep it updated as new questions come up. For the detailed usage of the API, please go to MSDN.  ·     Why SpeechSynthesizer Speak doesn’t produce sound on my sound card? Currently the server voice doesn’t speak…


Use TTS functionality in Microsoft Speech Platform

In previous post, I introduced the microsoft speech platform is available to download. Here is a short introduction on how to use the TTS functionality provided by the platform.  The steps are: 1. Download and install the speech platform runtime and one language pack like en-US as you wish 2. Download the Software Development Kit and…


Bing app with Navigation for Windows Mobile released!

Recently Bing app for Windows Mobile has added free turn by turn directions.  TTS is used to read out the address during navigation. If you have a windows phone, have a try with it.   How do you feel the TTS voice quality in it? Please comment!

Use Microsoft TTS to read office documents with Office 2010

In Office 2010, there is a new cool feature to read the text aloud with Microsoft TTS. Here is the post about how to use it. It can use the latest speech platform voices in 26 languages. Have fun with it!