How to fix: Multipage Meeting Workspace will not display items copied / created by SharePoint Designer workflows


Documents copied from one document library to another using a SharePoint Designer workflow will not display if you use the Multipage Meeting Workspace. They will show up in SharePoint Designer under the destination document library. There is no error message. The documents are just not visible and gives the illusion that the workflow didn't copy the document.


This occurs because the template sets the advance settings of the document library to no allow Sharing of List Items Across All Meetings (Series Items).

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a site using the Multipage Meeting Workspace.
  2. Create two document libraries. Name one source and the other destination.
  3. Create a SharePoint Designer workflow that starts on new item creation. Also, use the copy list item action to move a document from Source to Destination.
  4. Upload or create a document in source. Take a look at the destination library. There will be no documents. 


If you need this items to display and you don't need this functionality then set that setting to Yes under Advanced Settings and they will show up. The alternative is to think about using a different template as this will be a consideration for all future libraries under the Multipage Meeting Workspace.

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  1. Mahendiran says:


    I got this same issue. i don’t know which setting to YES under the advanced setting.

    can you update me?

  2. AshDDN says:

    I am wonderign if you can point me to the right answers for the following:

    1. I have top level site (Site A) that contains a meetign workspace (Site B) with recurring meetings (series). I have a document library in Site A which has a workflow that can be run on the docs. I would like to create an item in a list which is on Site B using this workflow which iruns on a doc in Site A. How can I do that? The SPD2007 workflow designer doe snot let me choose any list that is not part of the top level site itself?

    2. I am wonderign how to create an item in a list that is part of a meeting workspace so that the item appears in a particular instance of hte meeting workspace (unlike a series item which appear on all instances of the meetign) Thanks in advance and disregard if this is not the right place to ask the question.

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