A small introduction to the SharePoint Designer Support Team Blog

We are excited to provide insight on hot and common issues, supportability, and some how-to's for Microsoft SharePoint Designer. The blog is solely authored by "support" individuals, so many of our posts will be issue + solution centric. Since we interface with customers day-to-day, we definitely have a unique view and understanding of the problems seen by users, such as yourself. If you are looking for a wider scope of topics related to SharePoint Designer, we suggest checking out the official Microsoft SharePoint Designer Team Blog.

Our support team consists of three individuals, and we take on support issues for all customers in the professional and premier space. Chances are, if you have called in to Microsoft Support with a SharePoint Designer related issue, you've worked with one of us. We are the same people authoring this blog, and include:

  • Michael Mongeau (myself): I am a Support Engineer for SharePoint Designer, FrontPage, and FrontPage Server Extensions (yep, still supported). When I can, and often on my personal time, I answer community questions on the MSDN forums, MSDN newsgroups, and SharePoint University forums under the alias "monjo". Additionally, I own and sometimes to blog about SharePoint Designer on my personal site http://dataformwebpart.com. However, my focus going forward will now be directed at creating content for this blog instead of my own.

  • Dalibor Kovacevic: Supports SharePoint Designer, FrontPage, and FrontPage Server Extensions. Dalibor is our Knowledge Engineer and helps review and revise internal support documentation. He has a BS in Information Technology Management. He enjoys seeing what crazy things he can get SharePoint to do with SharePoint Designer.

  • Lucas Koehntop: Supports SharePoint Designer, FrontPage, and FrontPage Server Extensions. Lucas has a BS in Computer Science, and has his MCSE. He loves high tech country life, along with enterprise computing.

Have any suggestions for content, or questions about the blog? Please email us at blogspd@microsoft.com, and we will do our best to respond and take your suggestions into consideration. Note: please understand we are very busy, and will most likely not reply to all emails.

Comments (10)

  1. Jodha says:


    I have very very urgent question that I have posted in


    Please please post your comments either on your blog or on the link provided.

    really appreciate your help

  2. Computer Help says:

    Really great information, has given me an idea for a blog of my friends.

  3. Abel Ahing says:

    My portal has a few sites. I was doing housekeeping and accidentally deleted the parent site.  Now no one can access the portal including myself.  May I know how I can restore the portal?

    Thank you,


  4. Kathleen says:

    I am having problems with this Sharepoint Designer software.  I tried the trial version, liked it, bought it and it freezes on SAVE.  So I took it OFF my computer and put it back on and now it kinda does SAVE but is stuck on PROCESSING FILE.  Please I have tried everything there is to do to fix this, did I just get ripped off?  I use to use Frontpage 2003 but needed to update it and this is what I got????????????????

  5. Vijay says:

    sharepoint designer is not opening pages i.e. .aspx and .master.  This behaviour is seen even after reinstalling the software. I am using designer with sp1. please help me

  6. Perry says:

    Lukas’ blog "contact" form page is broken — it generates failure messages saying email cannot be delivered.

    I’m referring to:


    I was trying to notify him that there is an error in his article on fixing broken form pages in MOSS2007.

  7. Tommy says:

    I have modified a form with Sharepoint Designer and now all the labels are not visible in the form or for any form in the site. Can this be fixed? I don’t see any errors, but the view all site content link, is not there…I’m thinking this might be permenant… Please tell me I’m wrong!

  8. Ice says:

    Same here problem tom. And I already fix it but now the problem is I see 2 forms the edited form and original form in1 page. Kindly help how to fix it. I already tried to delete the original form but iwas still visible in that page.

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