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Why am I using VMWare?

Well, I have had to resort to VMWare. I don’t have anything against it really, I used to use it exclusively, but I would rather use an MS platform if it does what I need it to. Unfortunately the  VPC version for Win7 does not support 64 bit guests and I run a bunch of…


A more open Microsoft.. is here.  A few snips from the article…  Microsoft is loosening restrictions on under-the-hood information needed to create products that will complement and compete with its own. In addition, with this highly technical announcement, Microsoft pledged support for competing document formats, industry standards and interoperability with open-source software.   It published more than 30,000 pages of…


ADFS man, it’s ADFS…

Just linking up to my friend Jim- gotta keep an eye on folks like him. spatdsg


All that is Bitlocker

Clearly plagiarism by me …  Bitlocker bookmarks to have handy    BitLocker Step by Step information     Public BitLocker Documents Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption Step-by-Step Guide Windows Vista Trusted Platform Module Services Step by Step Guide BitLocker Executive Overview A Technical review of BitLocker Drive Encryption Best Practices…


Random bookmarks for myself

Interesting that I put bookmarks here – but my browser bookmarks are so full of stuff I cant find anything .. my fav search engine and this blog allow for me to find them easier.. Maybe IE should rethink its way it manages BM’s? Or maybe I should.. Anyway..   WID dev resources: – This…


Vista HowTo’s online

Kind of a bookmarker for myself: keyword: “how to” vista howto