Love the tubes..thank you Kiran Patil – base64 won’t trick me again :)

Thank God for the tubes!! I was banging my head against some errors today in some code which seemed pretty straightforward. Take some data – encrypt it via 3DES – encode it in base64 Toss it over to some other system – decode – decrypt. However, randomly I would fail here: System.FormatException was unhandled by…


Math is beautiful.. ( off topic )

Not really work related but cool.  I’ve been working on some artwork of mine and was looking into fractal images.. specifically Mandelbrot sets.  I also have been working on some 3D via Blender3d and so I was wondering if someone had explored the possibility of expressing the data in 3D. Sure enough – in the…


FIM CM Logging and random errors

    Customers, including me, will do anything. Crazy things. Things that the dev never imagined crazy people would do. I just thought I would jot down a few crazy things, and how to use FIM CM logging to track down what was expected of me – and how I did not meet these expectations….

HowTo: Disable UPN mapping for SmartCard logon

  <rant> good lord this is an ugly blog… I need to find the time to customize this hideous new theme </rant> It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about something around smartcards ( ha! ) , so here goes. Here is the basic setup. The smartcard certificate has the following key information:   Serial:…


Delete certificate from smartcard with Base Smart Card provider

Just a reminder Certutil -scinfo will list all the cert on the card: ================ Certificate 3 ================— Reader: Gemplus USB Smart Card Reader 0—   Card: Axalto Cryptoflex .NETProvider = Microsoft Base Smart Card Crypto ProviderKey Container = le-AuthMultiOID-e6c02f48-c2ee-4c0-27765 [Default Container] No AT_SIGNATURE key for reader: Gemplus USB Smart Card Reader 0 Performing AT_KEYEXCHANGE public key…

Ugliest blog ever..

Sorry – they udpated the system and I have not had time to make it pretty….   spat  

WSFederationAuthenticationModule (WSFAM) CryptographicException auth failure

As you may have guessed from my recent posts, I was working on a first stab at some WIF work recently.. and the app was failing with the following error. The system cannot find the file specified. Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for…


WIF SDK and Visual Studio 2008 addin failure

I am running Win7x64, Visual Studio 2008 and the most recent WIF runtime and SDK ( Windows6.1-KB974405-x64.msu and WindowsIdentityFoundation-SDK.msi ) Seems it is a common issue as noted on this thread : Just like these folks, “Modify STS Reference” is available in Visual Studio, but the “Add STS Reference” option does not show up….

Failure on WIF SDK install

    Installing the SDK on Win7 and it says I need to install the WIF runtime. So I look for the download, find it here:    If you are like me, you download the first one you see, in my case the x64 download “Windows6.0-KB974405-x64.msu”  and run it , but it fails…