FIM CM and SQL APIs– The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object

  OK – time for the random Monday morning blog. So I was working on some FIM CM SQL API testing and was hitting an error calling ‘externalSubmitSuspendRequest’ So – based on some limited past experience I thought “Hrmm no DB access, well I do recall that the clmApp role would fix this..” so I…


Love the tubes..thank you Kiran Patil – base64 won’t trick me again :)

Thank God for the tubes!! I was banging my head against some errors today in some code which seemed pretty straightforward. Take some data – encrypt it via 3DES – encode it in base64 Toss it over to some other system – decode – decrypt. However, randomly I would fail here: System.FormatException was unhandled by…


Math is beautiful.. ( off topic )

Not really work related but cool.  I’ve been working on some artwork of mine and was looking into fractal images.. specifically Mandelbrot sets.  I also have been working on some 3D via Blender3d and so I was wondering if someone had explored the possibility of expressing the data in 3D. Sure enough – in the…


FIM CM Logging and random errors

    Customers, including me, will do anything. Crazy things. Things that the dev never imagined crazy people would do. I just thought I would jot down a few crazy things, and how to use FIM CM logging to track down what was expected of me – and how I did not meet these expectations….

HowTo: Disable UPN mapping for SmartCard logon

  <rant> good lord this is an ugly blog… I need to find the time to customize this hideous new theme </rant> It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about something around smartcards ( ha! ) , so here goes. Here is the basic setup. The smartcard certificate has the following key information:   Serial:…


Delete certificate from smartcard with Base Smart Card provider

Just a reminder Certutil -scinfo will list all the cert on the card: ================ Certificate 3 ================— Reader: Gemplus USB Smart Card Reader 0—   Card: Axalto Cryptoflex .NETProvider = Microsoft Base Smart Card Crypto ProviderKey Container = le-AuthMultiOID-e6c02f48-c2ee-4c0-27765 [Default Container] No AT_SIGNATURE key for reader: Gemplus USB Smart Card Reader 0 Performing AT_KEYEXCHANGE public key…

Ugliest blog ever..

Sorry – they udpated the system and I have not had time to make it pretty….   spat