Why am I using VMWare?

Well, I have had to resort to VMWare. I don’t have anything against it really, I used to use it exclusively, but I would rather use an MS platform if it does what I need it to.

Unfortunately the  VPC version for Win7 does not support 64 bit guests and I run a bunch of DCs etc.. and need to have 2k8R2 ( Win7 Server ) as well - but Win7 Server dropped support for 32 bit versions.

So, I made and ISO of the setup files and download the latest VMWare player.. when I input the ISO file, I repeatedly get the following error and could not get past it. “VMWare player has stopped working” – would you like to debug? No… not now.


Finally I came across this blog:


And I wondered why in the world he went to all that trouble? But, I figured he knew better, so instead of trying to specify an ISO in the initial setup, I created the VM with the Win7 options:



Once I did that, I setup the CDROM as the ISO and that worked great!

Anyway.. in case someone else runs into it , maybe this post will help.

Oh, and if any VM guys are reading - I really would like to see VPC on Win7 support 64bit! 🙂


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  1. Johan says:

    Instead of VMWare try this http://www.virtualbox.org/

  2. Spat-MSFT says:

    Ah nice tip – thanks.. Ill check it out. Are there some points as to why its better?

  3. Dwight says:

    Since it makes heavy use of Qt, good luck getting Virtual Box going on a server.

    Administering a farm of virtual machines with scripting tools written in bash or Perl? Good luck on that one too.

  4. Johan says:

    Dwight, since Steve is talking about VPC I assumed that he was not trying to run an Enterprise environment on a server. But rather trying to get a quick lab environment going on his laptop. In the latter case VirtualBox will do just fine.

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