(OT) recent going ons

Way off topic..

Well lot’s of things been going on lately. First off I learned how to fly fish! Man it was awesome. I went on the Yakima and caught four fish in two days. I learned to “mend” my line, what “tippet” is… as well as “Nymphing” ( no it’s not what you think )


I used some #18 copper johns and had a blast. Since it was my first time, I rented my gear from Creekside fishing in Issaquah – the folks there were great and fit me with boots a waders - they also gave me a few tips and flies with a rod\reel combo for a very reasonable price. Big thanks to Luis for taking me.

I also bought a dog… ok well my son Jack did. He turned 8 and we bought a Beagle from a nice lady in Lynnwood , can’t recall the name of the place.

Jack named him Bubbles. Not Goliath, or Cooper or Bruiser… nope. Bubbles. Bubs for short.


Anyway…. he has proceeded to chew up some shoes, the cord to my miter saw, the cord to the vacuum… and I’m sure there are other items I am missing which I haven’t found out about yet. Please. Help.

Let’s see – ahh yes also my car. It died the other day and I figured it was the battery – so I changed it but it died again. I took it to a shop ( no names now ) and they “analyzed” my alternator, voltage regulator etc and said it was ok. Turns out it was a loose battery connection – I hadn’t tightened it enough. Ok – I can live with that. If they had been right.

Died on me again tonight.. *sigh* so I’ll take the old maxima in tomorrow and let em have it.

OK – I also bought a new camera – a Canon XTi. Couldn’t be happier.. came with 2 lenses and I can definitely see myself buying at least one more.

Anyway – if someone has a Beagle or a Nissan ( and changed the alternator ) and tips on either , I’m all ears.


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