Copying delegationpermissions from one OU to another…

There was a mail thread about copying permissions from one OU to another.. so I thought I'd try out a new format here -- video...

Keep in mind that this does a copy of the entire descriptor - you cant pick and choose here.. ( via this specific method anyway )

But the youtube conversion was too small to see and when I tried to embed it in the post it was a mess .. so in the end I posted a link to it ( how lame indeed with all these other services etc.. around today )

Here is a link to the higher quality video and youtube is below



Anyway - have a go and see what you think.. maybe Ill figure out how to embed it here later ( or if some smart person out there wants to help me Im ok with that also )


Here are a couple of shots..

Delegation settings... or whatever permissions.


The security descriptor:




Comments (3)

  1. matheesha says:

    Thanks for the video Steve. Another thing I learned was with the ldif file format and adding terminator characters. Previously when I’ve had issues importing ldif files, I’ve ended up seperating each operation to seperate ldif files. Not sure if the terminator char would have helped.

    Personally, I would like to see more videos in this vein. I think it would be beneficial to say which codecs are also used for the video 😉

    GSpot to the rescue! I figured out I needed the techsmith screen capture available here

  2. SpatDSG says:

    Hrmm I didnt realize you needed a codec – so I just changed it to a WMV.. does this work Ok with no added codec? I tested on a pretty vanilla machine and it seemed to work OK..

    thanks for the feedback


  3. matheesha says:

    Thats much better. Thanks again!

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