Don’t do this with Vista GPO’s …


Bad things will happen.


In vista there is a GPO called “Display information about previous logons during user logon”

Beware setting this in your environment.


If you configure this as a domain based policy you will no longer be able to logon as a domain user. You will see the following error:



As opposed to what we should see:



To recover you will need to logon as the local admin and revert the domain policy


This is by  design.   I expect someone to complain about this, but if there were any changes at all in this area , the most I would expect is some kind of additional wording in the GPO about “hey don’t do this in a domain until you have LH domains…” or something like that.


So I just wanted to warn you before you locked all your domain clients out.

Not sure if there is a KB on this yet... Ill look into that.






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