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You may have missed this post from our excellent DFS\R team's blog.


Key point:

 When the forest functional level is Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2003 interim and the ISTG in a site is running Windows Server 2003 with SP1, you can use a site option to turn off automatic site link bridging for KCC operation without hampering the ability of DFS to use Intersite Messaging to calculate the cost matrix. This site option is set by running the command repadmin /siteoptions +W2K3_BRIDGES_REQUIRED.



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  1. M@ says:

    would you need -W2K3_BRIDGES_REQUIRED to disable this? I ask as I have some documentation that suggests + instead.

    I -W2K3_BRIDGES_REQUIRED used on all sites with BASL turned on.



  2. Rob Ingenthron says:

    Too bad no one ever clarified this. All Microsoft docs that I’ve seen are not correct, missing the "+|-" for the option, leaving us in the dark. Even if BASL (Bridge All Site Links) is enabled, doing a "-W2K3_BRIDGES_REQUIRED" is really only useful if the option was previously *explicitly* set. Setting BASL doesn’t enable this site option. In other words, when the option hasn’t been explicitly set, UN-setting it isn’t doing anything. Verification is easy by just entering the "repadmin /siteoptions" or "repadmin /siteoptions [DC]" command to view the currently set options, if any.

    Rob Ingenthron

    IT Tech Lead

  3. Aliog says:

    Been looking for clarification on this for ages.


    Here is a good explanation:


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