Want to check out Vista? Download it free here…

Pre RC1 download - , free for anyone with the bandwidth  - to the first 100,000





Comments (7)

  1. TimeToLive says:

    NICE heads up (much appreciated).

    Microsoft has partnered with Akamai Technologies

    Is the download throttled? or possibly spread amongst connections?

    Im currently getting 135kb/sec on a direct  connection rated as up to 8Mbs/sec

  2. Koen says:

    "to the first 100,000"

    the first 100k clickers, or full downloads?

    So if i pause my download, can i finish 2morrow.?

    just let it run i guess..

  3. Eli says:

    This build is really awesome. It’s a huge step up from Beta 2 (in performance, fit and finish).

  4. hodge81 says:

    I keep getting a connection error.  Also, I can not use the direct link.  Anyone else able to use these?

  5. Mariano says:

    Do you know if we’ll be able to upgrade our Beta 2 version of Windows Vista to this Pre RC1? After using the beta for 2 months on my PC, there’s just so much stuff in there. I wouldn’t want to have to do a clean install.

  6. SpatDSG says:


    Thank you for your interest in Windows Vista.

    We are currently experiencing a high level of demand and cannot process your request at this time.

    Please check back later for availability. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  7. SpatDSG says:

    last I heard, the plan was to be able to upgrade from Beta2, to RC1. But, to be honest, I havent tried this and dont know the answer 100%


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