Debugging LSASS … oh what fun, it is to ride..

I spend a lot of my time debugging LSASS or Winlogon due to what I specialize  in ( Active Directory \ Security \ PKI \ GPO’s ) As of XP and greater I have historically done a kernel debug to get at LSASS. If you try to debug it from usermode on the machine you…


Account Lockouts..

Account lockouts. I wont go into the pros and cons of setting this option   So this is an entry based on a recent case I debugged but the problem wasn’t a bug. There was a case open with PSS from a large government contractor. The case had to do with a single user who…


MS releases Base Smart Card CSP…

In case you missed it…   This update lets smart card vendors more easily enable their smart cards on Microsoft Windows by using a lightweight proprietary card module instead of a full proprietary CSP.


Blog checkup

A little rant first… Generally when I blog about something I rely on comments to respond to folks. I dont check referrals to my blog very often. I wish  that I could somehow see direct referrals easier.. but I can’t due to a bajillion links from Google and other search engines.  If want to contact me…


Changes to DFS on Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition

In case you missed it…;en-us;903651 After you apply this hotfix, Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition can support more than one domain-based DFS namespace. However, this hotfix does not enable Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition to support more than one stand-alone DFS namespace.   spat