Where is marketing when I need them?

Where, oh where is the infamous MS marketing machine when it comes to my favorite  gadget , the smartphone? I was just reading about the video iPod  here:  http://www.indianexpress.com/full_story.php?content_id=80560  and  could just  not resist posting a comment.


And although it will never replace a full-size television, it is likely to appeal to anyone who wants to watch TV shows or other videos while commuting on mass transit, traveling, sitting in waiting rooms or working out on a treadmill


There are no movies -- yet. And although you can transfer music from CDs to an iPod, you can’t do the same with movies you own on DVD

(end snip)

I can do this on my smartphone today! Not only can I listen to music, I can watch any DVD I own, as well as shows recorded from my Media Center. I can even control my media center from my phone, so if I am out and happen to realize I wanted to watch something I can connect to my media center at home and set it to record via WebGuide.

IMO we ( as well as the vendors) should be shouting about the smartphone as loud as possible. What's all the iPod video fuss about again?


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  1. Ian Smith says:

    Hear! Hear!

    I’ve been reading Scott Hanselman’s blog (ComputerZen.com) where he’s very enthused about his PSP and the fact it can play videos. I’ve had an O2 XDA IIs Pocket PC for over a year that has enabled me to watch DVDs transferred using Pocket DVD on my daily commute. It also keeps my work and home PCs in sync, lets me read my RSS feeds on the commute, my daily newspaper and other web site items, offers a ton of functionality these other devices don’t offer AND means I don’t have to carry a phone around with me and yet to believe the blogs and marketing the Pocket PC is a dead dog. AND IT COST LESS THAN HALF THE COST OF A VIDEO IPOD AND LESS THAN A PSP a year ago (maybe I just got lucky with a cheap phone contract. If I’d bought an expensive phone contract I’d have got the hardware for free!) The whole marketing and hype over iPod (or the PSP) is just another example of Microsoft marketing not ‘getting’ the message across to the market only to have something inferior or copied get all the kudos (AJAX being the other example that immediately springs to mind).

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