A long week…(non techincal post)

It has been a very long week.  I was teaching a class all week long, and it just sapped all of my energy. Then, to top it off,  I lost my smartphone.

 The reaction I had suprised me, since I went all this time with no cell phone at all. But - since owning it I have come to like being able to call friends\family whenever I wanted to, or check email or surf the web and IRC if I felt like it.  So when it was gone (forever I thought) I was really bummed.

We participate in a local vegatable farm crop sharing program called Root Connection and I had a bunch of spinach and rutabegas so I made a big stir fry last night. I wanted to spice it up a little so I pulled out the red pepper for a few sprinkles and you can see what happened here. Needless to say I had a bowl of cereal for dinner.

But, along comes Father's day weekend and thing start to look up. My wife finds my phone (stuffed under the couch cushions), the sun pops up, and I had an amazing day today with the family.  I am truly blessed with the things that are really important in life.



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