Windows 2000 mainstream support ending soon…what does that mean? 


Product Name                                         General Availability Date               Mainstream Support                  Retired Extended Support Retired

Windows 2000 Advanced Server                        31-Mar-2000                         30-Jun-2005                                  30-Jun-2010
Windows 2000 Data Center Server                     13-Nov-2000                         30-Jun-2005                                  30-Jun-2010
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional                31-Mar-2000                         30-Jun-2005                                  30-Jun-2010
Windows 2000 Server                                       31-Mar-2000                         30-Jun-2005                                  30-Jun-2010


What does this mean to you? See below...

From what I can gather the regular pay support (standard from what I can see) will continue.. but no more DCR's and no more hotfixes unless you purchase an extended contract.
Windows 2000 will continue to get security fixes as well.

I could be wrong in my interpretation - if so someone let me know.


*      Mainstream support includes all the support options and programs that customers receive today, such as no-charge incident support, paid incident support, support that is charged on an hourly basis, support for warranty claims, and hotfix support. After mainstream support ends, extended support will be offered for Business and Development software.

**    Extended support includes all paid support options and security-related hotfix support that is provided at no charge. Hotfix support that is not security-related requires a separate extended hotfix support contract to be purchased within 90 days after mainstream support ends. Microsoft will not accept requests for warranty support, design changes, or new features during the extended support phase.



Comments (6)

  1. Travis Owens says:

    Being a borderline evangelist myself, I’m actually happy to see old software become official retired as it helps push companies to upgrade to newer & better software.

    But I’m a firm believer in the 2 generation rule: support the current generate and support the previous generate (even if in a 2nd class scenario).

    I’m kind of unhappy that Win2000 is retired until Longhorn Server comes out, in some ways I feel Win2000 is getting prematurely abondoned, not by the number of years, but by the generation of OS.

  2. SpatDSG says:

    Not sure if I would say its being retired – you lose bugfixes (unless you buy the extended contract) but you keep standard reactive support. And you still get security fixes.

  3. soGoo says:

    Windows 2000还将继续服役多5年时间,一直到2010年6月30日。微软将在这段期间继续提供例行的付费支持。此外,用户除非购买了扩展合同,否则将不能获得DCR以及修复补丁。然而,有点奇怪,微软计划在2010后发布一个Winows 2000安全修复补丁,并结束除付费服务外的所有支持服务。

  4. sisigi says:

    windows 2000 is ending up and vista would be the mainstream now.

  5. recruit says:

    vista would be the mainstream now.

  6. zhaopin says:

    At that time until now, has been updated many times, many problems do not exist …

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