Access based directory enumeration

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"The specific API is NetShareSetInfo, and specifically setting a flag to enable ABDE that points to a SHARE_INFO_1005 structure. The flag value for Access Based Directory Enumeration is #define SHI1005_FLAGS_ENFORCE_NAMESPACE_ACCESS 0x0800.",4,,11327.html


[added on March 24th]

SP1 and x64 address these concerns by making inacessible files and folders invisible to users through a neat little feature called Access-Based Enumeration (ABE).  ABE in SP1/x64 can be used with the command-line (abetool.exe) and through a fairly robust API (NetShareSetInfo).  FYI - There is a GUI on the way.

Command Line Sytax:  abetool [ShareName] [1=on/0=off] [ServerName]

Command Line Example: abetool “Personal Folders” 1 FileSrvr1



Added May 17 2005:


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