Considerations while provisioning the service application using pre-created databases

Recently I had worked with my customer to setup a new SharePoint farm with pre-created (DBA created) databases. Concept and prerequisites are very well documented in this TechNet article. While testing the deployment what really matters were the creation of couple of service application. Bad guys were Usage Logging & State Service Application. All other…


“The license state for the current server doesn’t match the farm’s license state”– SharePoint PSConfig Error

Recently I have involved in an interesting troubleshooting issue. There are many blog posts and TechNet discussions about this error. Thought that to post it here about my experience. Here is the scenario. Customer has two Windows 2008 R2 Std machines (lets call it as srvsp1 & srvsp2) installed and configured with the following products….


Install & Configure SharePoint 2013 with SQL Client Alias

Though this topic is very simple and highly recommended approach in the enterprise deployments, I have seen many deployments which are not following this approach. E.g.: Using SQL client alias for SharePoint installations will be really useful if you want move all databases to another SQL Server by just making alias change point to the…