Azure Data Lake Store & Data Lake Analytics Training Videos

Here are some great short & sweet demonstrations on Azure Data Lake Store & Analytics. Great content to get an insight on these data services in Azure. How To – Create an Azure Data Lake Store Account: How To – Use the Data Explorer to Manage Data in Azure Data Lake Store: How…


Create a RHEL Developer VM in Azure

Step 1: Download RHEL ISO and prepare VHD to be upload to Azure Step 2: Create Storage Account and Upload the VHD to Azure Step 3: Create a virtual machine based out of the custom VHD Step 4: Test your Virtual Machine Step 1: Download RHEL ISO and prepare VHD to be upload to Azure…


Get started with RHEL using no-cost RHEL development subscription on Azure

Hope all of you have seen the exciting updates on RedHat and Microsoft partnership and the premium RHEL images in Azure. Currently premium images available in Azure are not available for free trial. Provisioning a VM from this image requires a subscription with no spending limit and verified payment method (usually a credit card) associated…


Disaster Recovery setup in Azure – Azure services

In this post, I’m sharing few resources related to implementing Disaster Recovery in Azure. I’m not going to write anything scratch, instead sharing few excellent resources readily available. Here is a great documentation on leveraging Azure Traffic Manager for Azure SQL Database and front-end applications. This article covers old cloud services but still the concept…


How to build Power full apps in this "mobile-first cloud-first" world easily ? Answer is PowerApps !!!

In this mobile-first cloud-first world we need great tooling and capabilities to build and deploy apps to any devices easily and securely. Microsoft announced new PowerApps in November 2015 and there is a great momentum afterwards. With the help of Azure App Service its now very easy to deploy and manage APIs for PowerApps….