Considerations while provisioning the service application using pre-created databases

Recently I had worked with my customer to setup a new SharePoint farm with pre-created (DBA created) databases. Concept and prerequisites are very well documented in this TechNet article. While testing the deployment what really matters were the creation of couple of service application. Bad guys were Usage Logging & State Service Application. All other…


Install, Configure & Monitor Office Web Apps 2013 for SP 2013

Here is my first blog after a long vacation back from my hometown in India. Tomorrow is a special day as Hurricane Sandy is going to hit my area ( Edison, NJ) , so writing this post tonight itself 🙂 There are many articles out in web provides the details of Office Web Apps 2013…


“The license state for the current server doesn’t match the farm’s license state”– SharePoint PSConfig Error

Recently I have involved in an interesting troubleshooting issue. There are many blog posts and TechNet discussions about this error. Thought that to post it here about my experience. Here is the scenario. Customer has two Windows 2008 R2 Std machines (lets call it as srvsp1 & srvsp2) installed and configured with the following products….


“Failed to connect to hosts in the cluster” – SharePoint 2013

In my previous blog post, I have introduced my SharePoint 2013 farm server details. I have total four virtual machines configured. litdc, litsp1, litsp3 & litsql1. Note: this is written for SharePoint 2013 Preview. Things might change over the next few months up until RTM I have installed and configured SharePoint 2013 in litsp3 first…


Install & Configure SharePoint 2013 with SQL Client Alias

Though this topic is very simple and highly recommended approach in the enterprise deployments, I have seen many deployments which are not following this approach. E.g.: Using SQL client alias for SharePoint installations will be really useful if you want move all databases to another SQL Server by just making alias change point to the…


More Information about Health Analyzer Rules talking about session expirations

So what these health analyzer rules are reporting about ? “The State Service Delete Expired Sessions timer job is not enabled ” and “Expired sessions are not being deleted from the ASP.NET Session State database” . Both are talking about expired sessions, is it confusing ? if yes then please read below. In SharePoint Server…


Export / Import Excel Service Trusted File Locations

After installing and configuring office web apps in my customer’s environment we faced an interesting issue related to Excel Service Application. Issue was the application pool used for the excel service application was crashing in every few seconds. We have created single “application pool” for Word Viewing, PowerPoint Viewing & Excel Service applications. After that…


SSRS JavaScript Error – SharePoint SQL Reporting Services

Here is short detail of a SSRS related issue that I had recently worked on. While rendering the SSRS reports in a project server site we were getting the below JS error. Message: Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerParserErrorException: The message received from the server could not be parsed. Common causes for this error are when the response is modified…


AllDocVersions & AllDocStreams table size increased after upgrading to SharePoint 2010

Recently I was working on an upgrade project, MOSS 2007 to SharePoint Server 2010 and faced an interesting issue. We had several databases with sizes spans from 50 GB – 200 GB in size.  After the upgrade we have noticed that all of the upgraded databases in SharePoint Server 2010 were almost 40% – 60%…


Migrate Users / Groups – PowerShell Script

You might have seen the similar script in other blogs for migrating users / groups. Here is my contribution for the same requirement. You can use this script for migrating bulk AD users and AD groups in a single shot. I  have created this script to read the information from CSV file. You can find…