SharePoint Code Review Service – do it now !


The SharePoint Code Review is a new service offering from Premier Field Engineering , it provides a detailed look at specific components of your SharePoint custom solution’s source code and makes appropriate recommendations of any issues found that may cause support issues in the future. The primary focus of the SharePoint Code Review will concentrate on how well the code conforms to recommended best practices in the following areas: design, security, and performance. The review will identify violations of Microsoft best practices involving SharePoint List management, undisposed objects, and much more. The SharePoint Code Review can be further tailored to focus on certain feature areas such as ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), .NET, LINQ and other .NET developer technologies.

How the Offering Works

A Microsoft Premier Field Engineer will contact you to scope the code review engagement. The scope meeting has the following objectives.

  • Identify the amount of code and projects to be reviewed. This will determine the amount of time required for the analysis as well as the manageability of the remediation effort.
  • Identify the features of the application to review, aside from SharePoint, such as ASP.NET, LINQ, or WCF. This will ensure the right resources and tools are selected to perform the review.

The Premier Field Engineer will start the review by gathering all relevant material to perform the review.

  • The source code will be reviewed for adherence to best practices in design, security, and performance.
  • After the review is complete, the Premier Field Engineer will meet with you to review the findings and help determine the next steps.


Microsoft developer resources will be available to answer questions and assist with remediating the code after the report is delivered. 


  • Thorough scoping of the application components and features to be included in the code review will ensure that the right resource is engaged before any work begins.
  • Highly skilled Microsoft resources will use a combination of automated and manual inspection to isolate violations of Microsoft best practices in source code.
  • Recommendations to remediate the code to adhere to best practices will be provided in a detailed report.
  • Expert Microsoft resources provide additional guidance during remediation of the code

This service is one of high demanding services from Premier Field Engineering, code review service is available for other products like CRM, WCF, ASP.NET , Windows Phone 7 development as well.

If you have premier contract then go ahead and contact your TAM (Technical Account Manager) for getting more details.

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