Three cool things for SharePoint developers….

Microsoft has released 3 cool things for SharePoint develoepers recently.

1.      SPDisposeCheck v1.3.1

2.      VSeWSS 1.3 CTP

3.      MSDN Article - Best Practices: Using Disposable Windows SharePoint Services Objects

SPDisposeCheck V1.3.1

This is really a cool tool evaluates compiled custom code in .NET Assemblies that uses SharePoint and it reports violations of our guidance for disposing of memory in SharePoint. It is aimed at helping SharePoint Developers to adhere to the best practice guidance.

For more information click here


Here is the latest version of VSeWSS 1.3 with really cool new features. Please visit the official SharePoint blog to get more information and try it for getting in to know about the new features and download link.

MSDN Article - Best Practices

This is really cool new article with lots of information for the developers to handle the code perfectly to enhance the performance. Please see more information here.

Also, I would recommend to visit my post here to get extra information.

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