A tricky work-around to avoid infinite loop while updating an item in ItemUpdated Event in a very special scenario.

I think this post’s title is little confusing, anyway here is another scenario to play with a List Event Handler. Recently I had worked with one my customers , he had implemented the code to send documents to a record center using SPFile.SendToOfficialFile() method. In the destination document library he had registered an event handler…


Move a SPListItem without loosing its ItemId – Custom List

Once I got a requirement to move a list item from one folder location to another within the same list (e.g. move the item to a sibling) while retaining the same ItemID. Example: Here is the original structure… List 1      Folder 1           Item A      Folder 2 We need to move Item A…


Important point need to remember while working with DateTime filtering values in FullTextSqlQuery

Once I was working with a custom search webpart issue in which search was implemented by using FullTextSqlQuery method, but it was not returning any results whenever we use contains predicate to filter the date time type columns. There was a custom managed property of type Date Time to filter in the custom webpart. Since…


Feature stapler for MySite to activate the Publishing Infrastructure Feature

Recently, I had worked with another interesting requirement in which customer has some specific requirement with MySites. Their basic requirement was whenever the “my site” get provisioned that time they want to activate the “Office SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature”. So, the easiest way that we could accomplish their requirement was using a feature stapler….


“who” is “where” given a map of SharePoint ?

Once I got a request from one of my colleagues in MS and his customer wants to find out “who” is “where” given a map of SharePoint. So, if there is a Site A being visited by X and Y and X happens to be interacting docLib B – is there a way one could…


SharePoint 2010 Sneak Peek !

Check the below links for getting a Sneak Peek of next version of SharePoint… · 2010 Sneak Peek Home: http://sharepoint.microsoft.com/2010/Sneak_Peek/Pages/default.aspx · 2010 Sneak Peek Overview Video: http://sharepoint.microsoft.com/2010/Sneak_Peek/Pages/Overview-Video.aspx · 2010 Sneak Peek IT Pro Video: http://sharepoint.microsoft.com/2010/Sneak_Peek/Pages/IT-Pro-video.aspx · 2010 Sneak Peek Developer Video: http://sharepoint.microsoft.com/2010/Sneak_Peek/Pages/Developer-video.aspx · 2010 Sneak Peek Get Ready: http://sharepoint.microsoft.com/2010/Sneak_Peek/Pages/Get_Ready.aspx · 2010 Sneak Peek FAQ: http://sharepoint.microsoft.com/2010/Sneak_Peek/Pages/FAQ.aspx…


Generate a report about all the sites and lists under a site collection

One of my customer wants monitors their SharePoint environment in order to meet governance requirement. Primary goal was generate a report of site hierarchy under a site collection including webs and libraries etc. created during specific timeframe. Thus, I have created a small utility – a .NET console based application which will accept a site…


How to delete a user from BDC permissions list

Once one my colleagues had a requirement where he want to delete users from ‘Business Data Catalogue Permissions’ programmatically. Here are the few classes that you can use to deal with the BDC permissions programmatically: Namespace: Microsoft.Office.Server.ApplicationRegistry.Infrastructure (Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.dll contains the above namespace) Classes: 1. BdcAccessControlList 2. IndividualAccessControlEntry My colleague Varun has written a post about…