Error: New instances of this workflow template are currently disallowed.

Sometimes we may get this error whenever we re-install the workflow after doing some changes. It may come once you un-install the workflow and install it again. Now how to allow new instances for workflow? To resolve this problem we need to set the workflow association to “Allow” and the new instances of the workflow…


Customize the QuickLaunch menu and show it on top of the site as TopNavigation menu

Once I got an interesting question from our internal discussions about whether we can show the QuickLaunch menu on top of the site as how TopNavigation menu bar look like. The requirement is given below. The left navigation menu (<SharePoint:AspMenu id=”QuickLaunchMenu” DataSourceId=”QuickLaunchSiteMap” /> ) has been implemented in the default.master (for teamsites) and you can…


How to create a webpart with chrome type

If we want to customize the layout a webpart – say don’t want the border and title, or only need border or only need title etc, we will do it through UI by setting the Chrome type of the corresponding webpart. Here I just want to know how we can set this one by default…


How to find out the storage space allocation details a site through code.

SharePoint has a cool and great facility called Quota templates. In order to get this facility in UI, you have to do the following. Refer: Enable the site collection quotas in the central administration site – under application management. Once you click on the “site collection quotas and locks” you will be redirecting to…


Work-around to render the custom field in list view

Once I got a request from one of colleagues to create custom button field which will kick off a workflow for the list item which it get associated. Then, I had created a custom field which inherited from SPFieldText and rendered an button control and in the click event I have implemented the code…


Integration of Oracle Access Manager with SharePoint webapplications

Recently I had worked with an interesting case in which customer was using Oracle Access Manager  (OAM) for providing the security in their application. They were using a Java application in which they were used LDAP membership provider. There was a SharePoint webapplication which was configured to use FBA and use the same LDAP membership provider….