Build 2014 – Amazing speakers and breadth of topics

Don’t miss out on this years //build/ event starting tomorrow. It is the Microsoft developer event to watch.

We have topics ranging from The Future of Azure DevOps: Managing the Development and Lifecycle of Cloud Applications to Strategies for World Domination: Design Research Advice for Developers with a little Using Node.js and Python in Visual Studio and on Azure in-between so we really have a session for everybody.

Some of the sessions will be presented by amazing people like Leslie Lamport (he created LaTeX, my hero!) and Scott Hanselman (does he need an introduction?). The rest of the sessions are given by the actual engineers and Program Managers for the product / service they are talking about so you know its going to be good.

Build your session list and watch them 24-48h after they have been presented at channel9. The keynote will be live streamed. I am sure it will contain some cool announcements and interesting “innovation vectors”!

Here are some of the sessions I plan on watching on the first day, in the first hour slot. What do you plan on watching?


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