Best local Windows Phone & Windows 8 Apps

Do you have a local app that you regularly use? Tell us about it and if your app submission is selected* as the app of the month we will send you a cool t-shirt

We need the following info:

· Name of the app

· Link to app in store

· Why you think it’s so great

*Standard T&C apply. Judges decision is final

Comments (8)

  1. Peter Munnings says:

    Gautrain app.…/3dfd9d4d-2633-4cbc-84a2-6b5e27e2bbf3

    Its neat, its quick, its accurate and its very useful when you need to know whether to run down the stairs or not

  2. Runninghill says:

    Name of the app:

    SA Petrol Price

    Link to app in store:…/e87c06e5-b270-4eb3-9559-bd5070f3005d

    Why you think it’s so great:

    Very helpful in planning trips to petrol stations. Gives notifications of petrol price and wholesale diesel price changes very quickly after the annoncement. Plain, simple, straightforward, Great live tile integration. Still on a zero crash count 🙂 Working great and fast on both WP7 (including low memory devices) & WP8.

    We even say "proudly South African" in the app, as we like building local Windows Phone apps!

  3. Peter Munnings says:

    My Vodacom…/12e50c55-e37e-4613-b3b2-befb6743a33b

    Brilliant in terms of seeing your outstanding calls, sms's data bundle etc.  I've only just recently found it and its great.  Especially good if you run it alongside Data-Sense because then you can see how much data has been used from Vodacom and your phones perspective and also which apps are using the data.

    Something that has been missing from WP for a while, but now the combination of My Vodacom and Data-Sense makes data management better than Android and way better then iPhone

  4. Great feedback so far. Now just need to find some time to play with the ones I don't use.

  5. Reviewing all the qualifying apps the selected app of the month is the Gautrain app (…/3dfd9d4d-2633-4cbc-84a2-6b5e27e2bbf3)

    Congrats Peter, I will be in touch with the swag.

    A close second runner up was SA Petrol Price (…/e87c06e5-b270-4eb3-9559-bd5070f3005d).

    Developed by – keep up the great work guys. We need more local apps like this.

  6. Griffiths Sibeko says:

    Name of the app:

    Inside Nelson Mandela

    Link to app in the store:…/1192ecaf-a4b8-4576-97ee-0c2ba0043ffd

    It has a neat and clean interface which is easy to use and gives a clear insight on the life of Mandela and news from the nelson Mandela foundation.

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