Get those Azure benefits activated– Download VS in 4 minutes, and stand a chance to win an Aston Martin

I just activated my MSDN Azure benefits, and created a VM. I connected to the VM via remote desktop, and then went to download some software off the MSDN site. I got download speeds in the VM of between of 6-12 MB/sec. VS downloaded in around 4 minutes. The VM was created in a similar period of time. This changes the nature of what developers and testers can do. Instead of waiting days, if not weeks for machines to be provisioned, you can it setup almost immediately. If you are based in a bandwidth constrained country like South Africa, suddenly you can start to download your software at incredible rates – again no waiting hours or a day for a download.

Recently we announced some exciting enhancements with respect to MSDN, Azure and Dev/Test. Scott Guthrie’s blog post has all the details.

In summary

- you can now use your MSDN licences in Azure for dev/test. Make sure you have the appropriate VS with MSDN Edition depending on what you intend to use in the VM. Example if want SharePoint in your VM, you need Premium or Ultimate.

- you get up to $150 usage on Azure for dev/test - depending on what VS with MSDN edition you own

So activate your subscription. Give it a spin – and you stand a chance of winning an Aston Martin. See for more details. If you are in South Africa, and win, you owe me a ride Smile 


Ahmed Salijee

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