#Code Off 2013 – Dave vs Jarrod.

The other day I (Dave) challenged Jarrod to a friendly Code Off to create a little bit of friendly competition. The idea is for us to create the best Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 applications. He happily accepted we decided to draw up the following rules:

  1. We each need to write a Windows 8 and a Windows Phone 8 application and both need to be in store by the 15th of May 2013
  2. We cant get other people to help us, but we can use existing web content.
  3. We cannot use code we have created before hand, everything needs to be new.
  4. Local DPE team will be the judges
  5. The winner will get a bottle of Whiskey from the loser to the value of R700 give or take R200.
  6. Judging Criteria
    1. Usage of platform features
    2. Aesthetics and User experience
    3. Usefulness of the application
    4. General coolness of the application  

We decided that the starting date is the 11th of Feb and finish would be the 15th May 2013. We will both be blogging about what we are doing and coving some things via twitter and Facebook. Keep watching there might even be some random prizes given out Smile 

Jarrod’s twitter account – @jarrodhermer

Dave’s twitter account – @Davemsdevsa


Round one 1. Ding Ding.

Comments (2)

  1. Pivendren Naik says:

    Cool idea!

    DPE team? Will there also be a public vote? I think that will be cool

  2. That is a brilliant idea will adjust rules accordingly.

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