Setting up your Windows Store payout account

So you spent your December/January break coding up an amazing Windows 8 app, right? Now you want to get paid into your bank account.

You will need the SWIFT code and the South African National Clearing Number for your bank as well as your account number to setup the pay-out account. Here are the details for the “big four” banks.


Bank SWIFT Code   Clearing Number
Standard Bank SBZAZAJJ 051001
First National Bank FIRNZAJJ 250655
Nedbank NEDSZAJJ 198765
Capitec CABLZAJJ 470010


Once you have the pay-out account in place you will need to complete the Tax portion. If you are a South African resident or your company is registered in South Africa and you have no connection to a US based company then you want to complete the W-8BEN form (its the first one). Select all the default values from the drop downs.

It takes some time for the tax forms to be vetted. Once all of that is done you will see that your tax profile status will change to “verified”. You are now good to go and will receive payments directly into your bank account.

Comments (3)

  1. David says:

    Hi Jarrod. Do you perhaps know Capitec's clearing code? I have their SWIFT number, but I need the clearing code as well, to receive payments from overseas.

  2. Hi David,

    The Capitec clearing code is 470010, I will also update the post.

  3. JL Tech says:

    Windows Store still informs me that payment fails, even with a verified tax form, valid swift and clearance code, and valid bank account.

    Any idea why?

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