South African Software Development Firm banks on Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2012

One the nice case studies for the Visual Studio launch involved a South African company, Global Kinetic. Here are some snippets from the case study

It builds confidence because with Team Foundation Server 2012 our client has a real-time view of our progress and can check on the project status anytime.”

“Visual Studio 2012 has improved across the board in many subtle ways and these improvements lead to dramatic reductions in the effort and costs required for development,” says Dippenaar.

“Before we did not have an integrated environment for things such as our backlog, bug tracking, or Scrum tools. Moving between those applications and Visual Studio takes time and leads to mistakes,” notes Dippenaar. “With Team Foundation Server 2012 we don’t have to use different tools. Our results from our Agile processes have improved tremendously.”

Go check it out.

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