Getting Your App in the Windows Store on Day 0

Are you planning on writing an app or game for the new Windows 8 Metro interface? If not why not? Here is what the potential market size looks like compared to the existing size of competitors.

Windows 8 Market Potential

The Windows number only contains Windows 7 machines and all of these machines can be upgraded to Windows 8. So the potential market size for your app is bigger than all the other market places combined.

Get Me On The Store At Launch

Show me the app! We will be running special events, which are by invitation only. At these events you can get your Metro style application pre-approved. This means it will be listed in the Store on the day it is publically available. This is a massive first movers advantage. Once you have your app built send an email to with “[AQL]” in the subject and we will start the vetting process. There are a limited number of places available at the labs so only the best of the best will qualify.

We will be selecting winners on 9 May and 30 May so make sure to submit your entry before one of those dates.

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