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Introducing IE10

What makes IE10 so great? It supports all the latest and greatest features in HTML5 and CSS3 like rounded corners and the File API allowing for drag-n-drop uploading of files. But that is not all. The HTML paring engine has been greatly improved and will now parse all HTML correctly including edge cases. The F12 developer tools have been improved to make debugging easier with better error reporting. IE10 is a compelling platform for creating your next web site or web application.

IE10 comes in two flavours; the always full screen Metro version and traditional desktop. The fundamental difference between the two versions of IE10 is that the Metro version cannot run plugins. This means no Flash or Silverlight as well as any ActiveX controls. When building or upgrading your site please be aware of this limitation. Users browsing from tablet type devices will be using the Metro version of IE10.

You can download the most recent version of IE10, Platform Preview 5 from the IE test drive site. If you are unable to install the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 then you can download IE10 Platform Preview 2, which runs on Windows 7. The final release of IE10 will be available for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and all the variations of Windows 8.

To see the complete list of features supported by IE10, check out the developer guide on MSDN.

First Steps For Writing Your Modern Site

Whether you are starting from scratch or upgrading an existing site here are the steps you should perform to guarantee compatibility with IE10 and most other modern browsers:

  1. Update your docmode for web standards
  2. Run Compat Inspector to fix common IE problems
  3. Implement feature detection to support many browsers
  4. Create a plug-in free browsing experience for Windows 8 users
  5. Build a touch-first site


What Is Possible

Beauty of the Web has amazing examples of what can be done in IE9 today. Don’t forget to check out the highly addictive game Cut the Rope. Using IE10 you can see what is possible using the latest standards at IE test drive.


Jarrod Hermer

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