Windows Phone Application Highlight –Word Fish

This month we are starting to highlight applications that have been developed by local developers. We have a number of excellent developers who we are going to be showcasing for the next foreseeable  future. Today we are looking at an application called Word Fish.

Word Fish is a word game that is fun, educational and easy to play. The game has 31 levels, starting at level 1 with the least difficult words and advancing  with increasing difficulty to level 31.  The interface is simple and fun to use – look at the letters in the fish and from these letters, construct a word in your mind. Then simply tap the fish in sequence with the correct letters to construct the word.   If you get stuck you can use 3 levels of help to get the word.  Pressing the help button the first time shows the first letter of the word but this means a loss of 50 points.  Pressing the help button the second time gives you a hint but this will cost you an additional 100 points.  Lastly, if you still cannot figure out the word it will be shown to you but, again this comes at a cost, you will lose an additional 250 points.  You get 200 points for a correct answer but you will lose 400 points if you use all the help, so use the help button sparingly.


This is a great effort by one of our local guys so please support him by downloading his application, providing feedback and rating his game.

Word Fish can be found here -

Enjoy and keep an eye our for the next showcase application.


Comments (3)

  1. Peter Munnings says:

    Would be nice to have a "try" option

  2. Eugene Wolff says:

    I will add that and submit it shortly, thanks for the comment Peter.

    Thanks Dave for this great blog.

  3. Monde Mbatha says:

    This is awesome, Dave! Thanks. Great game, Eugene!

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