The Most Addicting Sheep Game Wins the Windows Phone App Competition

"The Most Addicting Sheep Game" grabbed top honours in Microsoft’s Windows Phone Application Development competition in South Africa.

Congratulations to developer J.G Southey who beat other really great Apps for the top spot such as News 24, Project Mosaic and TorchBear.

Search for the game on Windows Phone Marketplace or check it out on the web:

This Game is one of several apps already earning money from the Windows Phone App Marketplace. We are very excited to see that several local developers are building businesses focussing on revenue from Windows Phone Applications.

Southey built "The Most Addicting Sheep Game" for Windows Phone in order to enter the competition. He is now considering spending more of his time developing even more apps for Windows Phone Marketplace and to also grow a small business out of doing this.

Justin is an experienced smart phone developer and indicated that going forward he will develop for the Windows Phone platform first due to the completeness of the tool set, code library support as well as an active and supportive local technical community

The locally developed application base has been growing in leaps and bounds with the competition attracting many new apps and some really great entries. The number of apps available on the local marketplace continues to expand rapidly offering choice and value.

We were very excited about the entries received and look forward to many more great apps from our South African developers. 


Look out for more exciting stuff in this space.



Comments (2)

  1. Gareth Jane says:

    Well Done to the developer of "The Most Addicting Sheep Game"! Don't forget that this provides an ideal opportunity to start your own Software Business!

    Microsoft BizSpark provides Software Startups with thousands of rands worth of free dev tools and Azure hosting – read the details and apply at

  2. Jessica McMann says:

    Amazing, well done. Hopefully this is just the first of many  achievements. Hopefully in a year or so you'll be registering like Blizzard for 3 bn USD!

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