Community Night November 8th–Johannesburg

November community night is coming up on the 8th of November from 4pm till 9pm.


  • Information Worker
  • Sharepoint Business Workgroup
  • Developer UG


  • SQL User group
  • Game Dev
  • Javascript Usergroup
  • BIDN

Come and join us for a great evening with like minded people.


Comments (5)

  1. Mark Pearl says:

    The languages UG is now renamed to Developer UG. This month we will be looking at Resharper and one lucky person will win a free Resharper license worth about R1400.

    Also looking forward to my broken keyboards mug 😉

  2. 46Apples says:

    Hey there,

    Where can we find more info on who is presenting and on what? Are there perhaps any blogs set up for each user group?



  3. Mark Pearl says:

    @Wayne – Good questions

    The ones I know of are…

    IW –

    GameDev –

    SQL UG – ?

    Developer / Languages UG – not yet

    Javascript UG – ?

    BIDN – ?

  4. Gee says:

    Where these groups meeting , if I may ask. Esp Javascript Usergroup. Sorry if missed anything.

  5. Louise says:

    Hey Mark – what happened to UX. Cause of the leg been out of the scene

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