Developer and Platform Insights Event with Jason Zander, Corp VP, Visual Studio–Johannesburg


Who is Jason Zander? Check out his blog. From his simpler bio there “I'm the corporate vice president for the Visual Studio team in the Developer Division at Microsoft, including Visual Studio Pro, Premium, and Ultimate. I've been in the Developer Division for a long time…..”

Jason will be out for TechED and CIO Summit next week. The good news is that we have him for an extra day, and we will be hosting a morning event on Friday 21 Oct in Johannesburg. Come hear Jason share his expert insights on the current state of developer tools and their outlook, including the future of Visual Studio. He will also discuss all things relating to software development, including Application Lifecycle Management and development trends. Importantly, a significant portion of the session will be dedicated to the audience interacting with Jason, where you will get an opportunity to ask questions relating to the topics mentioned above. Make sure you do not miss out on this great opportunity, to trade ideas with one of Microsoft great minds

We have limited seats. Note the event is not a developer drilldown.  Go register quickly here

Ahmed Salijee

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