Some Resources for Kinect development

Hi All

So we released the Kinect SDK for Academic / Hobbyist developers a couple months ago and now we have some really good resources to help you with your projects:

Chanel 9 Kinect for Windows SDK Quickstarts

6 Different videos (over an hour of instruction) about how to work with the Kinect SDK

Coding4Fun Kinect Toolkit

Helper routines to do common tasks, such as ImageFrame.ToBitmapSource() would allows you to easily draw the the skeleton in WPF, etc.

Kinect Toolbox (from David Catuhe)

Contains a good intro tutorial, gesture recognizer, posture recognizer, and the ability to record and playback skeletons (for development), etc.



(Blog post, details on toolbox)

(Blog post, details on toolbox)

Kinect Mouse Cursor

Control your Windows mouse cursor with your hands.

Kinect Paint

Enjoy and drop us a note and share any cool projects you are working on.


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