Devs4Devs–Johannesburg – 13th August 2011


So Devs4Devs is a morning for developers by developers. Local developers volunteer to present topics which they are passionate about to fellow developers in the community . We have some excellent topics this time round with 10 presenters for the event, I will be updating this post as the details come in, but here is the list so far:

What Code-Database gap? Introducing Project Juneau:

Project Juneau is a new toolset being release with Project Denali which provides a rich database design and editing environment directly within Visual Studio. Some of the features include rich versioning of databases, dependency checks, rich intelligence, debugging support and database refactoring tools.

Reactive Extensions for Dev4Devs

Looking into the future of C# with codename Roslyn

The languages team at Microsoft is working on a big new thing for C# called codename Roslyn. This will change the the compiler from being a executable to being a service. In this session I will look at what that means and what it will give us as developers in terms of new tooling.

Kinecting the dots

NoSQL with RavenDB

Building Modular Silverlight Apps with MEF

Most Silverlight developers have experienced the problem of large XAP files, which lead to long loading times and republishing for even the smallest change. In this session we look at using MEF to split your application across multiple XAP files and downloading them on demand.

Speeding up the client with jQuery PJAX, HTML5 and MVC3

AJAX is king for interactive web sites, but it isn't without its flaws. Nasty unpredictable back buttons and temporary URLs were the name of the game.  PJAX uses HTML5 to solve many of those problems. In this session we look at how PJAX can be used to improve client responsiveness using the new APIs in HTML5 and using ASP.NET MVC3.

MVVM For Windows Forms – Updating the old Apps

Take you “old” Business Applications in Windows Forms, that have been live for years and enhanced by many developers over time resulting in lots of spaghetti and mud, to a newer pattern that is highly cohesive, decoupled and unit testable. This session takes a look at a way to refractor out you code into MVVM with little impact and still keeping the WinForms front end, leaving it later to be replaced with a WPF Client.


Building a file watching, socket speaking, message sending JavaScript utility with Nodejs and Socket.IO

The greatest thing about this event is its free, nudda, zip, zero, we will supply some snacks and caffeine and the presenters provide the topics. You do need to register here.

See you there.


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