Devs4Devs–Cape Town–20th August 2011


So Devs4Devs is a morning for developers by developers. Local developers volunteer to present topics which they are passionate about to fellow developers in the community . We have some excellent topics this time round with 10 presenters for the event, I will be updating this post as the details come in, but here is the list so far:

jQuery, Ajax and JavaScript from the Trenches

JavaScript is lekker but can be a difficult at times to work with. This is a talk on a hands on approach to some of the more useful tips ‘n tricks and patterns when working with JavaScript.  The examples have been drawn from real issues hit during development so they are practical solutions to real problems we’ve hit.In it we’ll cover: ways to make working with JavaScript easier in the team, useful patterns in talking to the server, debugging tips and tricks, code layout, fetching data from the server, posting data to the server.Get lost in your client side code? Do you find debugging client side JavaScript painful? Is working with JavaScript ‘fiddly and annoying’?  If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions then this is stuff you want to hear.

TFS: everyone, everywhere

To all .Net AND Java developers, TFS loves you all!

Development Improvements in SQL Server 2011 "Denali"

Overview of the new SQL development IDE features and additional improvements in TSQL.

Warming up to nHibernate

In this session I'll show what I've learned on my journey to warm up to nHibernate.

Getting to the (Reparse) Point

The greatest thing about this event is its free, nudda, zip, zero, we will supply some snacks and caffeine and the presenters provide the topics. You do need to register here.

See you there.


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