Windows 8, Time to book for PDC,ooops Build


Last night (well South African time) Steven Sinofsky showed the first glimpse of Windows 8. You can check out some of the details as well as a video here. It looks very cool.

I can’t wait to learn more. And talking of learning more, we opened registration for the next PDC.  Except it is now Build. When I first heard that it might not be called the PDC, I was a bit troubled. But the reality is that applications are no longer just built by “Professional” Developers (the P in PDC). You have lots of non-pro or hobbyist developers doing work, and often a developer might fall into both. For example, you work for a corporate doing LOB apps in the day, and spend weekends and evenings doing other development. And just to be clear, this does not mean that that this event is not for Pro Developers. It is for all developers.

Now go trouble your manager (or bank manager), and register. I will certainly be troubling my manager. The event is in Anaheim, California from 13-16 September. Visit for more information.


Ahmed Salijee

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