Windows Phone 7 Idols Competition Update


Do you have a cool idea for a Windows Phone 7 application? Want a reason to create it? Well here it is we are currently running a competition where developers across the country will be competing for the best application. Stand a chance to wind great prizes as well as get your application show cased at DevDays 2011. The deadline for applications is the 6th of May 2011. The top three applications will be chosen by Judges and show cased at DevDays in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The community will then vote for the best application and the winner will be announced in Johannesburg at DevDays during the keynote. There are some great prizes up for grabs as well as some great visibility. So what do you need to do from here:

  1. Think up some cool application ideas. There is no limit to the number of applications you can submit.
  2. Get the Toolkit from, all the tools are free.
  3. Start writing your applications
  4. Submit on the microsite which will be available in mid April so watch this space for the details
    1. Entries will be submitted as a XAP file and do not need to be on the Market Place
    2. The application ownership remains with the creator of the application

Get those creative juices flowing and happy coding. If you have any questions drop us a mail. Good Luck!


Comments (7)

  1. 46Apples says:

    Thanks for the info Dave. Maybe I've missed it somewhere, but when is the deadline for submissions?

  2. Snympi says:

    Thanks for the efforts guys, but what exactly is the point of running WP7 development competitions if South African developers can't even open a App Hub account?  (and please don't mention the thieving that goes on at yallaapps 🙁 )

  3. southafrica says:

    Hi Snympi

    Thanks for your feedback, the competition is an opportunity for developers to pick up skills and potentially win a prize in the process. The WP7 platform is great to develop for so why not. All people participating do not require AppHub accounts as submissions are in the form of XAP files. These will be tested on the emulator to ensure there is a level playing field. In the end it’s a win win win situation, people gain skills, potentially win prizes and also have applications at the end of the day which they could potentially deploy to the market place, which ever channel that is.

    I have raised the concerns that you have with YallaApps, and would greatly appreciate if you could send me the specifics around this via email.



  4. Snympi says:

    Hi Dave

    I've sent you an e-mail.  Thanks

  5. Hi Dave

    I attended DevDays in Cape Town last week and am very impressed and excited about what I see happening on the WP7 platform. I'm very keen to develop some apps for it and have a few ideas, however:

    1. I heard nothing of this competition mentioned at DevDays?

    2. Who is going to use my apps in SA when one can't even find a WP7 handset for sale in any of the major cellphone retail outlets?

    I've spent two weekends in a row now trawling the major malls in Cape Town and typically get one of three response when enquiring about WP7 handsets:

    1. Complete ignorance and try and sell you Android hansets

    2. Complete disgust as Windows "Mobile" is regarded as a failure and they don't sell any. One shop actually suggested that there is a compatibility issue between the one major network here and WP7 and most of the phones come back with issues.

    3. Out of stock, waiting for stock, very difficult to come by.

    So what future is there for WP7 developers in SA or is this just a Cape Town scenario?

    highly disappointed…


  6. southafrica says:

    Hi Neville

    Thanks for the feedback it’s much appreciated:

    1. We did mention this competition at DevDays during the keynote, as well as Rudi did mention it in his sessions. Most of the communication has been via the blog or our other social channels.

    2. We are definitely aware of the problem of low availability of the phones. We have escalated this to the appropriate people and i will get back to you with some feedback as soon as possible.

    About the list of issues this really helps us get a view of what is not working and it’s really appreciated. There is a future I promise, with the Market place coming to SA at the end of the year as well as a number of initiatives we are working on. This feedback also helps.

    If you have any further queries you are welcome to contact me directly via email



  7. Yalla Apps has breaking news guys!

    SA developers can now get a FREE WP7 Developer account !

    All you need to do is register for free with Yalla Apps by July 20.

    Simply go to <>  and create a free account. Once the marketplace is live for your region, you can create your App Hub account for free 🙂

    This is how it works:

    1. Register for free on Yalla Apps by July 20

    2. Wait until we send you an email late July to open your App Hub account

    3. Register to AppHub with the same email and name as your YallaApps account and get your AppHub subscription for free.(Microsoft will additionally verify your identity as usual)

    Do not miss this great opportunity guys – Sign up now and INSTANTLY start developing for WP7.

    For more info, please mail us at

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