Internet Explorer 9 Released!!!


Internet Explorer 9 RTW is now available for download. After a first preview at PDC 2009, a first Platform Preview at MIX 2010, a Beta in September 2010 and RC in February 2011: we’ve gone through a lot to bring a more beautiful web.

A more beautiful web

We are also bringing more content to the local web developers and designers. We will be running web camps in the coming months so keep an eye out on the blog for more information.

Winning with IE9

Add Pinned Mode and Jumplists to your website today and stand a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to attend PDC11 in the USA!

· Join the 6to9 League to stand a chance to go to PDC11. Enter the competition and upload your optimised site screenshots here

· How-to guide to add Pinned Mode and Jumplists to your site

· See how our partners have implemented IE9

Some beautiful sites

Some sites to get you drooling over a beautiful web experience

Foursquare playground
After asking the user for access to its geographical information, it positions the user in the middle with all the surrounding foursquare check-ins close by.


Try it out yourself:

Never Mind the Bullets
This site gives you a comic strip experience enriched by the effects of parallax scrolling, by taking advantage of HTML5 features such as Canvas, <audio> and <video>, CSS 2D Transforms and more.


Try it out yourself:

Mike Tompkins’ Firework

And a last one that’s a real blast: try out the HTML5 video mixer that plays 16 different videos with which you can interact.

Feeling creative? Give the Audio Mixer a try:
Fun guaranteed!

Try it out yourself:


· Pinned Sites Developer Documentation on MSDN

· Internet Explorer 9 Guide for Developers on MSDN


· Download Internet Explorer 9 RTW

· Read the official IE Engineering Team Blog post: IE9 Release Globally Available for Consumers and Businesses

· Watch the IE9 Launch event video from SxSW event on March 14 2011. It’s really worth watching with some very interesting demos of games and applications.

· Try out some great demos taking full advantage of the browser at and learn more at



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