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This is “old” news, but I thought it would useful to summarize some updates in areas where I regularly get questions.

Silverlight and Firefox Testing Support

Visual Studio Premium and Ultimate, as well as Visual Studio Test Professional provides capabilities to capture a series of actions, and then play them back. This can be done “manually” using Test Professional, and can be automated using the CodedUI test.  Out of the box, not all applications can leverage this functionality. One of the common requests was support for Silverlight. The good news is that with the release of Feature Pack 2, we have made this capability available.

One of the other nice features in this pack is the ability to playback a recording in Firefox. You would capture the actions in Internet Explorer (i.e. no support to capture the actions in Firefox), but you can playback in Firefox or IE.

You can find out more on Feature Pack 2 here.  You might find these videos useful too.

Note that Feature Packs are only available to MSDN Subscribers.

TFS-Project Server Integration

One of the common requests we receive is around integration between Team Foundation Server and Project Server. In the TFS08 timeframe, we had a solution available on Codeplex. The good news is that the product team has now started to build this capability, and a beta was recently made available. You can read more about this here. If you would like learn more, check out this session from TechED Europe, as well as these videos on Channel 9

Note that this is also a Feature Pack. You need to be an MSDN subscriber and at least one person need a VS Ultimate subscription. Right now this is a beta and it does require the TFS 2010 Beta as well.

Test Attachment Cleanup Tool

If you are using Test Professional, and you running tests, creating bugs etc, then there is the potential for lots of data to be captured via the data diagnostic adaptors. This data includes things like event logs, video recordings and intellitrace files. All of these are very useful in reproducing bugs. The “downside” is that you can start using up lots of database space, and there was no easy to clean this up. With this cleanup tool, you can determine how space is being used, and also reclaim it.


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