Want to win a Joshua Davis skateboard or $500 voucher?

(South Africans are NOT excluded from this one – bonus!)

Making the web beautiful with HTML5


The MIX Online team worked with Joshua Davis Studios, to create the Endless Mural for the Microsoft IE9 launch. We’re now launching Okapi, an open-source framework to create your own digital, generative art in HTML5. It allows you to create digital, generative art based on HTML5’s Canvas that you can use in any compatible browser (but of course IE9 beta is our first choice), or alternatively you can download the source and add your own creative functionality. If that sounds too much like work, then just go and make your own fab stuff and enter the competition!

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Joshua Davis explains the Endless Mural project that was created with the Okapi framework

NYC digital artist Joshua Davis gives a demonstration of his new collaborative online art project - the Endless Mural. Davis unveiled the mural at a San Francisco event celebrating web developers and designers prior to the launch of the Internet Explorer 9 beta. He explains how as a developer, designer and artist, he is excited about how he can now do things with technology and computing that surpasses what can be done by hand with just the browser sans plug-ins.


About the Competition

Build the most brutally awesome art piece at Endless Mural as soon as possible (before December 15th). Joshua Davis and MIX Online will pick the two top art pieces and will award them fabulous prizes. We will be judging on aesthetic, excitement (are you sharing the contest with your friends perhaps?), being cool and pure brutality. We will not accept more than 2 submissions.

How To Participate

  • Follow @mixonline on Twitter.
  • Go to Endless Mural and Start Drawing with an HTML5-based browser, we of course prefer IE9 beta.
  • Save your drawing.
  • Tweet the following (you can do this within) Endless Mural:

Hey @mixonline, I posted (title of your art piece) for the Okapi contest (http://bit.ly/okapijs) at Endless Mural: (put link to your art piece).


How To Win

On December 15th, Joshua Davis and the MIX Online crew will convene at an undisclosed skate park in Norway in the dead of night and pick two winners for the first and second prize. Those winners will be notified via Twitter and prizes will be on their way.


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