Silverlight Firestarter Online: 2 December 2010

Some (or many) of you may have read various articles and wondered “What’s up with Microsoft and Silverlight?” Well, contrary to some it’s still going strong, still a long-term investment for us and still a major part of our online strategy. So now that that’s out the way, the Silverlight Firestarter event that was announced a while back, is almost here!

It’s a one day, online event that will give you access to new self-paced labs and walk-through videos. You’ll be able to watch live and ask the Silverlight product team questions during the event.

And it’s free! (Well, except for the bandwidth)



Comments (2)

  1. Mark Pearl says:

    Are you sure it is 5pm- 2am on the Saturday? Isn't it a Thursday?

  2. southafrica says:

    Oops! Thanks for spotting the mistake 🙂  I'll update the post iwth a correction.

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