DevDays 2010 Guest Blog Post: Tim Keller

TimKeller Tim (no, I’m not related to Brian) Keller hails from Cape Town and describes himself as “a developer, entrepreneur, speaker, and blogger”. He build applications using PHP and related web technologies and focuses on solutions in the education sector that enable learning, student management and staff development.



Keller, Tim - Microsoft and Open Source Working together In Microsoft and Open Source Working together Tim presented a session on Microsoft’s initiatives in supporting open source development: how applications can be run on the Microsoft platform and how the company supports open source projects and communities.




Keller, Tim & Roderick, Kath - Introduction to Silverlight Tim also teamed up with our very own Kath Roderick to present an Introduction to Silverlight. This session covered Silverlight development for people new to the technology and highlighted the roles that developers and designers play in working with the technology.




Tim’s partner in crime: Kath Roderick

KathRoderick For those who don’t know her, Kath is a Web Strategy Advisor at Microsoft who has been in the web industry for the last 11 years in various capacities from designer to business analyst. She is passionate about User Experience (UX) in software and walks the walk along with the talk on Silverlight and Expression Studio.

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