DevDays 2010 Guest Blog Post: Rudi Grobler

We were very lucky to have Rudi presenting at DevDays this year. Rudi is a developer working for Barone, Budge & Dominick in their ATC research and guidance unit and is a prominent member of the local developer community.

He is a Microsoft MVP (Windows Desktop Experience) and a WPF Disciple with over 10 years of software development experience. Rudi has worked in various industries with a large part of his career spent in the embedded field “playing” with cool hardware! The last couple of years his focus has shifted to concentrating on WPF and Silverlight.

From Rudi:

I presented 2 sessions at DevDays South Africa 2010:

Grobler, Rudi - Whats new in WPF and Smart Clients in NET 4 What’s new in WPF and Smart Clients in .NET 4.0? This session talks about what's new in WPF 4, including MultiTouch, new controls, graphics enhancements, the streamlined Client Profile and deployment, Windows 7 ribbon and taskbar integration, and more.



Grobler, Rudi - Introducing Silverlight 4.0In Introducing Silverlight 4.0 we took a tour of the new features in Silverlight 4 including a dive into some of the new “ready for business” features like printing, rich text support, and expanded data binding support. We also covered the exciting Silverlight additions to the media stack and took a look at the Silverlight 4 elevated trust out-of-browser model.

DevDays is probably the largest developer focused event in South Africa and each year it just keeps on growing! This year we had the pleasure of having some international speakers joining us (although it sucks a little presenting a session in the same slot as both Bart and Brian)! It was a great experience and it is really exciting to see the community wanting to learn more!

On a personal level it is also great to see the interest in technologies like WPF and Silverlight. Developers are starting to realize that user experience matters and there is a big focus on writing better applications. Being a WPF and Silverlight addict this is great to see! I hope you all enjoyed DevDays as much as we enjoyed presenting it and hope we will be seeing you again next year!!!

PS. If you are interested in WPF and Silverlight, also check out my blog at


Thanks Rudi! We’re all looking forward to what you have in store for us next year 🙂

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