DevDays 2010 Guest Blog Post: Robert MacLean

RobertMacLean Besides being a Twitter fiend, Robert is a technology specialist with BB&D in their research and guidance team. He spends time playing with a variety of technologies and helping teams and customer deliver solutions. He is a Microsoft ALM Ranger and a Microsoft Team System MVP and blogs on many development technologies at his blog

Robert initially presented in the community session at DevDays Johannesburg and Cape Town but also helped deliver two sessions in Durban due to the unavailability of some speakers – thanks for stepping up to help out in Durban!

Over to you Robert!

My first time presenting at DevDays was a great experience with me presenting in the community slot, which I thought was the session for the smart attendee’s - being at the end of the day, only the dedicated people were left and those dedicated people got two presentations for the price of one timeslot.

MacLean, Robert - Easier JavaScript with jQuery and Visual Studio 2010The session itself covered how writing JavaScript is easier with jQuery and Visual Studio 2010. The slides are not being done using some special PowerPoint to web tool, but are HTML which uses jQuery. Using the same technology as I was presenting on and building it in Visual Studio 2010 really highlighted how powerful and easy this was to do.


You can download Robert’s “slides” and the demonstration code and learn from his blog.

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