DevDays 2010 Guest Blog Post: Dave Russell

IMG_0127 copy Dave was a presenter in our community slot at DevDays 2010 where members of the community had 20 minutes to deliver a session to the audience.

This is what Dave had to say for himself:

I am a senior systems analyst at Accenture Technology Solutions South Africa and I am currently working on a SharePoint and Silverlight project. In my spare time I work on playing games, developing games, it is why I started programming in the first place, as well as presenting on game development any chance I can get. Currently I am focusing on mobile game development using various technologies from objC, OpenGL ES, and XNA.

The recent DevDays 2010 in Johannesburg was excellent. We were spoilt for choice when it came to tracks and it was difficult to choose. I thoroughly enjoyed Bart De Smet’s presentations on the new features in .Net 4.0 as well as the Silverlight presentations. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

Russell, Dave - XNA Game Development 101I presented on XNA 3D Game Development 101 in 20 minutes. The goal of the presentation was to serve as an introduction into what it takes to develop 3D games using XNA. I wanted to share the basics of where to start with XNA by getting an object drawn on the screen and handling input. By the end of the session there is a basic 3D Asteroids game.


A recording of this session can be found on the MSDN website.

Nice one Dave! We’re looking forward to a version of your 3D Asteroids game for Windows Phone 7 🙂

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